Understanding Your Zen Cat

This cat is well-adjusted, confident, and cool under pressure. Not much phases this Master of Zen. Kitty confidence is derived from a feeling of safety and security in their territory, which this feline has plenty of! They have been exposed to many situations, most likely early on in their life, that have reassured them that there is a safe place in this big world, that is just for them! But even Zen Cats can have their struggles. Cats, in general, are masters of hiding stress and discomfort. It can be very easy to think that, due to their relaxed disposition, this cat doesn’t need any special care. They can become bored, lazy, and even depressed if their mental and physical needs are consistently not being met.

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Tips to Help Keep Your Cat Zen + Provide Stimulation


While we can’t change who our cats are (and, of course, we wouldn’t want to) we do have the power to make small changes in our everyday lives to help them in the ways that we can. Here are a few ways you can get started today:

  • Make sure they get physical and mental exercise every day. To do this, you can simulate hunting by using interactive toys. (You holding some kind of rod/wand with a string attached, and a toy on the end of the string. Them chasing the toy.)
  • Create a routine, and stick to it! Cats absolutely thrive on routine. Feeding and interactive play, in particular, should happen at the same times every day.
  • Rather than feeding them in a regular bowl, put their meals in puzzle feeders.
  • Bonus: For added fun, you can try out clicker training, and see if they like it!
Black and white photo of Lauren with her cat, Nia, on her shoulders

Hey There!

Hi there loving cat parent, I’m Lauren! I ‘m a Certified Cat Behavior Counselor, who has been working with cats for about 9 years. I know, this isn’t exactly a career many people have heard of. Truth be told, it’s more of a calling, than a career. A calling that is born from such a deep curiosity and love for cats, and everything about them.

I, myself, have four incredible and unbelievably loved cats. To me, no cat is “just a cat.” And when you choose to share your life with them, they’re a member of the family.

But, let’s be honest, living with cats (like anything else!) comes with it’s challenges. You see, I didn’t just learn what I know about cats from a book, or getting certified. Over the years, I have actually experienced almost every behavior issue in the book with my own cats.

Behavior problems in cats may seem small, but I know how they can consume your life, and even your relationships.

My mission is to help dedicated cat parents, like you, realize that you don’t have to choose between your cat, and the life you want.

Black and white photo of me, with my tabby cat, Nia, on my shoulders

Your Cat Isn't Broken...

In our society, we have this distorted view of cats. We end up putting all of these stigmas and expectations on them that really don’t fit them at all. 

We create all of these misconceptions and confusion around their behavior. We compare them to our dogs, we put human qualities and motivations behind their actions that aren’t really there.

We call them solitary beings, we call them evil or psychotic, we say that they’re nocturnal and that’s why they keep us up at night, we say “it’s just a cat” to try to lessen our own feelings of guilt when we don’t know what to do.

And this is not your fault. You love your cat, and in your mind you’re trying to rationalize confusing behavior in the only way you know how to.

Trying to “fix” your cat is never going to work, because they’re not broken. Your understanding of them is. I help cat parents create a relationship with their cat that is based on understanding and respect.

You Don't Have to Choose Between Your Cat and the Life You Want.

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What Lauren's Clients Are Saying

We knew we needed help to control some behaviors of our two cats - one scratched everything and the other hid from absolutely everyone. We were also pretty skeptical about a Cat Behaviorist...is that a thing? We met Lauren by Zoom for our initial consultation and she was great. Luckily we are in Orlando and she was able to assess them in person. Totally worth it. Her consultative and caring manner kept the pets in focus and she gave us a detailed plan to follow. I'm proud to share that the behaviors have been fixed which will ensure many happy years with the cats and two sane owners!
Bryan Long

“Lauren has been extraordinarily helpful with her tips and Behavior Plan for my cat, Bogdan. I adopted him as a 2 year old and he had a few behavioral problems. Lauren listened intently as I described my concerns and formatted a lovely plan for me and my cat. The multiple page document I was sent laid out each concern I had with an abundance of solutions. She explained signs of over-stimulation in cats, gave tips on play structure and how to keep him off my counters. I had 6 different concerns and she helped with each and every one. I also appreciated the inclusion of links to purchase different items to enrich my cats environment. I trust Lauren’s opinion and expertise and would recommend her to anyone with a cat they love.”

-Margo M. a.k.a. Bogdan’s Mom

“”I first met Lauren on a cat behavioral page when I adopted my boy. He has had the worst start in life and was terrified of life itself. [He came from a hoarder’s house in Dubai, where he was confined to a cage with two other cats.]

Lauren kindly said she was happy to give me a few helpful tips so we began our journey together. This hasn’t been the easiest for either of us, as we’re on different continents but we have made it work. Unfortunately, toffee is also very ill [and almost completely blind] but with our dedication, patience and mutual understanding, toffee has now gone from being a terrified poorly little boy, to a stronger happier cat that is growing in confidence daily.

When he arrived here, he spent his life in a cardboard box, not moving. Now he loves his bed and cat tree, no box in sight, and he talks to us. He is purring at our tickle times, and even trusts me to rub his belly.

All this has happened in just 11 weeks! He still has a long way to go, but thanks to Lauren’s advice, and our persistence, hopefully he has a long, happy, caring life ahead and NEVER has a negative experience again.

Thank you hunny for your help although I think you’re secretly in love with him too.”

xxx Toffee’s Mom, Sandy

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Like us, no feline fits into solely one category. I designed this short mini quiz to help you understand what’s going on with your cat, by identifying their most prominent behavior traits. If “Cautious Kitty” doesn’t feel like quite the right fit for your fur baby, please check out the other four feline personality types linked below.

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