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Not only am I a Cat Behavior Consultant, I’m also the guardian of 4 beloved cats. Which is why I completely understand the struggle that comes with behavior issues. My passion, and mission in life is to empower cat guardians, to heal and strengthen the bond between people and their cats, and to bring peace and happiness back into homes and lives of cat parents.

Let me take the stress off of you, and provide you with real solutions that are specifically tailored to your unique situation.

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Hey There!

Hi there loving cat parent, I’m Lauren! I ‘m a Certified Cat Behavior Counselor, who has been working with cats for about 9 years. I know, this isn’t exactly a career many people have heard of. Truth be told, it’s more of a calling, than a career. A calling that is born from such a deep curiosity and love for cats, and everything about them.

I, myself, have four incredible and unbelievably loved cats. To me, no cat is “just a cat.” And when you choose to share your life with them, they’re a member of the family.

But, let’s be honest, living with cats (like anything else!) comes with it’s challenges. You see, I didn’t just learn what I know about cats from a book, or getting certified. Over the years, I have actually experienced almost every behavior issue in the book with my own cats.

Behavior problems in cats may seem small, but I know how they can consume your life, and even your relationships.

My mission is to help dedicated cat parents, like you, realize that you don’t have to choose between your cat, and the life you want.

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