Multi-Cat Aggression Behavior Consultation Package


Are You Feeling…. 

    • Hopeless & beyond frustrated?
    • Like you’ve tried everything, and your cats just will not get along?
    • Like if you wake up one more time in the middle of the night to a cat fight
      you’re going to lose it
    • Like your only options are to rehome your cat, or keep them separated forever?

Yes? Then don’t waste another minute in the stress!

This behavior package is the answer to your prayers, and includes complete hand-holding and support!

What’s Included In The Multi-Cat Aggression Behavior Package:


✔ Custom Behavior Plan

✔ 20-30 Minute Call to Go Over Behavior Plan

✔ 12 Weeks Of Email Support

✔ 8 Follow-Up Consultations With Me, Over a 12-Week Period

✔ Adjustments to the Behavior Plan, As Your Cat Progresses.

✔ Guides & Foundational Resources

✔ In-Depth Behavior Questionnaire

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