Comprehensive Behavior Package


Confused and frustrated by your cat’s troubling behavior? Is the stress of it driving a wedge between you and your loved ones?

Stop trying to carry all the weight by yourself… Let me hold your hand through the entire process!

This behavior package is tailored to your unique situation!

It’s perfect for those stressful, “pull your hair out” behavior problems! Such as:

  • Litter Box Avoidance
  • Mild Inter-Cat Aggression
  • Human-Directed Aggression
  • Fear-Based Behaviors
  • Door Dashing
  • Furniture Scratching
  • & More!


What The Comprehensive Behavior Package Includes:


✔ 1 hour Initial Consultation w/Me
✔ Comprehensive Behavior Plan 15 Minute Call to Go Over Plan
✔ 6 Weeks Of Email Support
✔ 2 (30 Minute) Follow-Up Consultations With Me, Over a 4-Week Period
✔ Adjustments to the Behavior Plan, As Your Cat Progresses.
✔ Guides & Foundational Resources
✔ In-Depth Behavior Questionnaire

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