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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! I conduct most of my consultations over Zoom, especially because of COVID-19. We can also do it over the phone, if you are more comfortable with that. If you have concerns, schedule an introductory call with me.

Cats are independent beings, and while we can have a strong influence on their behavior, we cannot control it. Many feline behavior problems require a lot of time and patience to correct – some are simpler and quicker than others. There are many influencing factors, and many times the issues are not standalone.

Behavior packages can be extended if you need more time, and in some cases, this may be strongly recommended. If you are concerned, you may schedule an introductory consult with me to make sure that we click!

There are three ways to determine this.

  1. Take the quiz (here) to guide you in the right direction. Note: This is not a perfect system. I have created it to the best of my ability, and it works well, but there is still some room for error. This is not a huge concern, and can be rectified once I speak with you, and go over your behavior questionnaire.
  2. See if you can identify with any of the behavior problems listed under the consultation information.
  3. Schedule an introductory consultation with me, and I will ask you questions about your situation, in order to determine which option is the best fit for you.

Yes! For this particular situation, I recommend choosing the Comprehensive Behavior Package, so I can set you up with a custom behavior plan. Otherwise, you may schedule a Basic Consultation with me, and purchase extra sessions afterwards, if needed.

No. I am not a pet medium, animal communicator, or a psychic of any kind. My skills are based in behavior science, observation, and problem solving. For the most part, I work with you directly to make adjustments to your cat’s routines, interactions, environment, etc., in order to influence their behavior.

I will want to meet your cat, but after observing your cat’s behaviors, I will be working directly with you.

A free introductory call with me will last a max of 15 minutes. It’s purpose is for me to get a quick background on your cat’s situation, to answer any questions you may have regarding the packages or the consultation itself, and to help you decide whether or not my services are right for you. No behavior questions will be answered during this call, and it does not take the place of a consultation.

Let me first tell you what I do not recommend. I do not recommend ANY type of fear-based training/behavior modification techniques (i.e. caging, flooding, squirt bottles, etc.) . I will never recommend any alpha training techniques (which is basically trying to put your cat in it’s place by being the top cat yourself).

What I do recommend is positive reinforcement techniques (such as clicker training), trust building exercises and techniques, desensitization (strategically exposing the cat to something to diminish the associated fear), and counterconditioning (turning a negative experience into a positive one). I will also most likely recommend changes to make the environment more cat-friendly.

I cannot guarantee that your cat’s behavioral issues can be fixed within any sort of time frame. Behavior modification takes time and patience, and every single situation is unique. However, I should be able to identify the possible causes that are influencing your cat’s problem behavior from our consultation. 

During a consultation, I will be gathering as much information as possible, based off of your questionnaire, plus observation of your cat and the home environment. This will allow me to develop your behavior plan. The behavior plan will detail my assessment of what is causing the behavior problem, and my recommendations that you will need to implement in order to see a positive change in your cat’s behavior. 

You must be willing to dedicate the time that’s necessary in order to see the results you are hoping for. There is no magic wand I can wave to change your cat’s behavior overnight or during a consultation.

I will need you to:

  • Fill out the questionnaire at least two days prior to our consultation.

I will request videos that are relevant to the behavior(s) of concern. These could include, but are not limited to:

  • Cat doing the behavior
  • Specifics of their environment
  • Playtime
  • Routines
  • etc.

Having as much information and video footage ready for me before the consultation is highly recommended, and makes things easier.

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