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How to Kitten-Proof Your Home

The anticipation of a tiny, fuzzy new family member is a very exciting time! It is the perfect time to make sure everything is in order, so you have peace of mind knowing that your kitten is going to be safe. It’s time to kitten-proof your home!

1) Know What to Expect When Getting a Kitten, Compared to an Adult Cat

Adopting an adult cat, and adopting a kitten are two different ballgames. Therefore, the preparation is going to differ a bit between them.

It’s sort of like the difference between adopting a toddler, and adopting a child in elementary school.

Adult cats are typically more cautious, have more regulated energy levels, and don’t usually leave a path of destruction behind them.

Kittens on the other hand…

Kittens are wild and will get into anything and everything. They have crazy bursts of energy, and they need a lot of play time, and a lot of attention.

It’s very important to keep this in mind when you’re preparing for your new little furry ball of energy. Your kitten will most likely keep you up at night, bite you, chew on things, knock things over, get on and into places you don’t want them… You get the idea.

They’re also amazing climbers.

Don’t get me wrong, kittens are an immense joy! They will make you laugh, entertain you, cuddle you, and be absurdly adorable and upsetting simultaneously.


You will be mad one second, and your heart will be melting the next.

Just be aware that they take a good amount of patience, understanding, and attention.

Making sure you kitten-proof your home thoroughly will help keep your kitten safe, while also minimizing your frustration.

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2) Identify Potential Dangers

Okay, let’s get into it. There are a lot of potential dangers around the house. This is for cats in general, but especially for kittens, since they are so small and curious.

dryers are a potential danger for cats. Image shows the importance of kitten-proof

If you’ve ever had kids, and had to child-proof your house, this is not going to be new for you. Just realize that this baby is very tiny, and can fit in many places you never think about. Plus, they can walk and run right off the bat.

The best way to go about this kitten-proofing business is to put yourself in your kitten’s paws.

Yes, I’m saying get down on the ground and go around your house seeing the world from a kitten’s-eye-view. I’m not just saying this so I can get a good laugh when thinking about my kitten-proofing readers, I swear!

This is essential to spot dangers that you can’t see from your giant’s perspective. Like that Tylenol you dropped last month, and never were able to find… (Which is deadly to cats!)

Here are some key questions to ask yourself to determine whether or not something is dangerous to a kitten:

  • Can it be swallowed/choked on? *Cats have barbs on their tongues that face toward their throats. This means that when they put something in their mouth, the barbs usually prevent them from being able to spit it back out, forcing them to swallow it.*
  • Is it poisonous?
  • Are they able to get trapped/closed in?
  • Can they fall in?
  • Can they get squished? 
  • Could they get tangled up/strangled?
  • Are they able to pull it on top of themselves?
  • Could they suffocate?

I cannot possibly list all of the potential dangers around a home, here. But I will list some common dangers in order to get your juices flowing.

  1. DRYER (You’d be heartbroken if you knew how often this happens. Be aware every time you open and close it! For cats and kittens, alike.)
  2. Loose pills/medications (one pill containing acetaminophen can kill a cat)
  3. Anything a cat may eat on the ground
  4. Oven
  5. Plants that are toxic to cats
  6. Any chemicals
  7. Strings from blinds
  8. Mothballs (These are also poisonous to kitties!)
  9. Toilet (kittens can fall in and be unable to get back out)
  10. Anything they can pull on top of themselves (lamps, things with cords, etc.)
  11. Drawers (Keep in mind, kittens can also crawl behind the drawer, and get squished.)
  12. Rocking chairs / baby gliders (I know someone whose kitten went underneath of their baby glider to hide, only to be squished 🙁 )
  13. Recliners
  14. Electrical cords (can get tangled up, or chewed through)
  15. Sockets (covers may be necessary)
  16. Dental Floss (My cat, Nia, has an obsession with floss. I have to be very careful, and make sure it always ends up completely in a closed trash can. No bits sticking out!)

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3) Ready, Set, Kitten-Proof!

So, you’ve trained yourself to identify potential dangers around the home. You’ve crawled around like a crazy person, and seen the threats to your precious new family member.

How do you eliminate as many threats as possible?

Learn how to kitten-proof!

This process is going to require a mix of creativity, products, and staying aware of your kitten.

Kitten biting cord from blind. Showing the importance of kitten-proof

Kitten-Proofing Ideas to Get You Started:

[tqb_quiz id=’5236′]

 4) Put Away Toys After Playtime

Having interactive toys (the kind with a toy attached to a string) is crucial for every cat owner. But it is equally important to put away those toys once playtime is over. This will prevent your cat from harming themselves with the toy.

The best way I have found to do this is as follows:

  • Have a good play session
  • Feed after play
  • Take toy up while kitty is eating, and put somewhere it cannot be reached (Doja will go to any lengths he can to get toys out of their hiding spots. So just make sure it’s a good one!)

This way, you are honoring a cat’s natural hunting rhythm, which is extremely important. (Read more on this, here)

And you can take the toy away without “reanimating” it, and attracting your kitty’s attention again.

 5) Stay Vigilant & Make Sure Everyone in the House is On Board!

Make sure your family is on board in order to kitten-proof and keep kitten safe

There is no way to kitten-proof every single thing. Life just isn’t that neat! New threats will consistently come up.

Covering your bases by kitten-proofing as much as you’re able to is imperative!

On top of kitten-proofing the things you can, stay very vigilant, and be aware of where your kitten is as much as possible. Being aware of your kitten is the only way to avoid some dangers!

Be sure the rest of your family is on board with this, and is aware of all the possible threats to the well-being of your new fuzzy family member!

I know these are scary thoughts. But you can rest easy (cuddled up with your new baby, hopefully!) knowing that you’re prepared, and your home is a safe place for your kitten to play and grow.
Do you have any more questions on how to kitten-proof your home? Or questions regarding your kitten in general? Don't be shy! I'm here to make this information as relevant to you as possible!x

I wish you the best with your new bundle of joy, and thank you so much for reading! 🙂

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