Most cat parents don’t realize that many of their feline’s frustrating behaviors are actually a cry for help....

An anxious or fearful cat is much more likely to:
🐾 Not get along with other cats
🐾 Have litter box problems
🐾 Spray or mark their territory
🐾 Act aggressively towards other cats or humans
🐾 Scratch destructively or tear stuff up
🐾 Not have an interest in food
🐾 Over-eat
🐾 Groom so much they have short fur or bald spots
🐾 Develop certain diseases, such as FLUTD
🐾 And more
Want my help empowering your cat to be the most confident, loving, and happy version of themselves?
My new system isn’t theory or something I just learned from another person last month. ⁣
This system was created through trial, evaluation, and years of obsession with cats who suffer from fear, stress, anxiety, and low confidence.

Over the past few years, my process has even helped cats like Toffee, who was living in constant fear and trauma following a life of abuse where he was sharing a small cage with two other cats in a hoarder house…

To overcome his traumatic past and gain the confidence necessary to live a happy life with a loving guardian in just 11 weeks…

You may be thinking:⁣
“I feel like this is just my cat’s personality, can this still work for me?”⁣

Introducing The Confident Cat Academy

There is nothing else like this on the market.

This new program is called “The Confident Cat Academy”.⁣
And I’m opening up a few “Founding Member” spots over the next week.

But I’ll not only teach you how to help your cat’s confidence blossom…

but also show you how to transform their fear of certain situations, people, or objects…

as well as forge an unbreakable bond that will only grow stronger with time. ⁣

With that said, I’m doing something special for my first batch of clients, as a thank you, by giving you $100+ in savings before initial enrollment closes on Sunday November 12.

Here's What You Get:

I’m going to guide you, week by week, through the entire process. You’ll learn everything from “Unveiling Cat Behavior” to “Creating a Safe Haven” and all about “The Trust Account”. I’m going to be bringing all of my best material to make sure you get what you need to achieve serious transformation.
This program isn’t about stuffing yourself full of information that you have no way to actually use. There will be no BS, one size fits all advice given. This is all about your growth as well as your cat’s growth. Every week you will have a clear plan of action to follow, that you can then tailor to your own unique situation and cat.
As you go through my program, there is the “live experience” element where I’ll personally teach you everything you need to know in order to help your cat handle whatever life throws at them. You’ll have a LIVE class each week and they’ll be recorded in case you can’t make it live!
If you have more than one cat, don’t worry! So do 95% of my clients. I’ll make sure to give appropriate options and strategies that also work in multi-cat households.
⁣You’ll receive access to all of the recordings, for the lifetime of the course. So even after the live coaching program ends, you’ll be able to reference info from the program for years to come.
We so often feel alone on this cat parent journey. And most of our family or friends… Well, they just don’t get it! But this isn’t just about moral support. This is a place to get REAL help. Personalized help. Sometimes you seriously just need an expert to advise you. I’ll be coaching every week, answering your questions, and assisting you on your unique journey. (As well as providing that moral support!) You’ll even be able to upload videos for me to assess.
🏆 1-on-1 Consultations:
This is for my cat parents who need extra help. Maybe you’re having trouble getting your cat to use the litter box every time. Maybe they’re aggressive. Maybe you’ve got cats that are fighting, or you’re doing a reintroduction but things just aren’t working out like you’d hoped. I’ve got you. On all this and more, when it comes to your most challenging cat behavior problems.
⁣Based on the launch of my new program, I’m offering a one-time savings of $100+ until Sunday, November 12 and looking for a few more people who are ready to grow before I increase the investment.⁣ This price will be for founding members only.
And to sweeten the deal even more…⁣
🎁 My Scaredy Cat to Fearless Feline mini- e-book
🎁 Feline Fluent – My mini-course on cat body language
🎁 All updates, additions, and whatever resources I add to it in the future. I want to set you up for success long-term
🎁 Additional infographics and guides to help you on your journey
🎁Save $100+ (ends Sunday, November 12)⁣
I wanted to make this special offer IRRESISTIBLE for the next week and truly honor those who put their trust in me by lowering my initial price at launch and adding these powerful bonuses.

There will be those of you reading this who know in your heart that your cat needs this…

That you need this.

And here and now I’m going to be that coach that encourages you to stop waiting.

The time is now. ⁣

What Lauren's Clients Have to Say...

“”I first met Lauren on a cat behavioral page when I adopted my boy. He has had the worst start in life and was terrified of life itself. [He came from a hoarder’s house in Dubai, where he was confined to a cage with two other cats.]

Lauren kindly said she was happy to give me a few helpful tips so we began our journey together. This hasn’t been the easiest for either of us, as we’re on different continents but we have made it work. Unfortunately, toffee is also very ill [and almost completely blind] but with our dedication, patience and mutual understanding, toffee has now gone from being a terrified poorly little boy, to a stronger happier cat that is growing in confidence daily.

When he arrived here, he spent his life in a cardboard box, not moving. Now he loves his bed and cat tree, no box in sight, and he talks to us. He is purring at our tickle times, and even trusts me to rub his belly.

All this has happened in just 11 weeks! He still has a long way to go, but thanks to Lauren’s advice, and our persistence, hopefully he has a long, happy, caring life ahead and NEVER has a negative experience again.

Thank you hunny for your help although I think you’re secretly in love with him too.”

xxx Toffee’s Mom, Sandy

We knew we needed help to control some behaviors of our two cats – one scratched everything and the other hid from absolutely everyone. We were also pretty skeptical about a Cat Behaviorist…is that a thing? We met Lauren by Zoom for our initial consultation and she was great. Luckily we are in Orlando and she was able to assess them in person. Totally worth it. Her consultative and caring manner kept the pets in focus and she gave us a detailed plan to follow. I’m proud to share that the behaviors have been fixed which will ensure many happy years with the cats and two sane owners!

– Bryan Long

“Monkey is using the whole room with confidence! For the first time in her life, she actually pooped in the litter box. We were so excited we threw a little party! And we went and gave her a bunch of hugs and pets. My biggest learning lesson is what a difference understanding your cat can make.”

– Kirstie & Chris Smith

“My connection with Ari seems stronger day by day. She’s following me, resting around me, she’s looking for my company. This evening it went so well I felt like crying with a bit of relief for the first time.

“Lauren has been extraordinarily helpful with her tips and Behavior Plan for my cat, Bogdan. I adopted him as a 2 year old and he had a few behavioral problems. Lauren listened intently as I described my concerns and formatted a lovely plan for me and my cat. The multiple page document I was sent laid out each concern I had with an abundance of solutions. She explained signs of over-stimulation in cats, gave tips on play structure and how to keep him off my counters. I had 6 different concerns and she helped with each and every one. I also appreciated the inclusion of links to purchase different items to enrich my cats environment. I trust Lauren’s opinion and expertise and would recommend her to anyone with a cat they love.”

-Margo M. a.k.a. Bogdan’s Mom

The Confident Cat Academy

The Course
By Itself


One-Time Payment

The Course + Weekly Coaching


One-Time Payment

The Course + Weekly Coaching + 3 1-on-1 Consults with Me


One-Time Payment

Cats Are My Passion...

Hi there! My name is Lauren, and I am a Certified Cat Behavior Counselor. I know, this isn’t exactly a career many people have heard of. Truth be told, it’s more of a calling, than a career. A nagging, incessant calling that is born from such a deep curiosity and love for cats, and everything about them.

So, what exactly do I do?I help cat guardians get to the root of their cats’ behavioral problems. I then provide them with the tools and support they need in order to create and sustain a lifestyle that’s conducive to healthy and positive behavior.

I, myself, have four incredible and extremely loved cats. (One of them is cuddled up in my right arm right now, so I’m having to type one-handed. A small price to pay 😉 )

I have dealt with such a plethora of behavior issues with my own cats, which is why I know exactly how you are feeling at this very moment. My heart broke every single time my friends or family would tell me to “just get rid of them”. I would then proceed to feel guilty, and question my own judgment.

I am here to help you get through the tough stuff. No one took my hand and led me down the right path when it came to my cat’s behavior issues. I don’t want you to have to go through the same frustrating process of endless trial and error.
Not only is that a very difficult path, but bad advice can also break down, and even destroy the human-cat bond.

Behavior problems in cats may seem small, but they can consume your life and relationships. If you’re like me, you wouldn’t give up your cats for anything, and I don’t want you to have to choose between your cat, and the life you want for yourself.

I am so humbled by the dedicated cat parents I have the honor of working with, and I really hope that you value yourself, your time, and your cat enough to be my next client!

Black and white photo of me, with my tabby cat, Nia, on my shoulders

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