Stop Living With Stressful & Time-Consuming
Cat Behavior Problems

Work with me & together we will restore peace to your home.

Do Any of These Problems Sound Familiar?

You have a cat that loves to stalk your other cat(s).

That same cat consistently pounces on, and attacks your other cat(s).

Sometimes, you can see it coming, but you are powerless to stop it, no matter what you try.

Maybe The Cat(s) Getting Attacked...

-Avoid the litter box.

-Spend most of their time hiding under the bed, in the closet, or somewhere else secluded. Maybe they even hiss or growl when someone approaches them.

-Try to run out the door every time you open it.


-Are dealing with multiple cat behavior issues, and you’re completely overwhelmed and at the end of your rope! You just don’t even know what to do anymore.

-Are terrified that your cat is going to get seriously hurt.

-Feel like you’ve done everything to try and fix the problem(s), but nothing works. Sometimes it even makes it worse!

Orange cat and tabby cat about to get into a fight. Orange cat is staring down tabby cat.

I Have Been Where You Are

Once upon a time...

I rescued a sweet, fluffy, innocent cat who had been dumped at an abandoned factory. She was full of fleas, and had large abscesses on her hindquarters. We took her home to care for her, and eventually settled on the name Ellie.

At the time, I had another cat named Nia, who was quite used to being an only child. So, I kept Ellie quarantined until she healed up and was flea-free. In the meantime, I day-dreamed about her and Nia cuddling up in a sunny window together, grooming one another. I pictured them playing together, and Nia being happy she was no longer alone.

Boy, was I in for a rude awakening!

My beautiful daydream quickly turned into a nightmare when the two of them met face-to-face!

I had done my best to introduce them to each other beforehand, but as soon as their eyes met, I saw a whole new side to this sweet rescue kitty. The beast was unleashed, and in a split second, it was nothing but Nia’s screams and fur flying in the air.

From that moment on...

I had to keep them constantly separated. But once in a while Ellie would shove past me, and go straight for Nia. And when she did, she was out for blood.

At the time, I felt betrayed by this sweet fluff ball that I had nursed back to health. How could she be so awful to my cat?

Fighting between cats...

Fighting between cats becomes a constant source of frustration and stress, which leads into resentment and bitterness. These feelings can destroy your relationship with your cat, and even put massive strain on relationships with your human loved ones.

My two cats who used to get into fights constantly, laying nest to each other

Here’s a picture of Nia & Ellie.

They are proof that no relationship is hopeless, with persistence, and the right behavior plan.

Feel Like You're Stuck In An Endless Cycle of Stress?

I am a Certified Cat Behavior Counselor, it’s true. But professional qualifications aside, I truly understand what you are going through.

I Know Exactly What It Feels Like To:

  • Be at the end of your rope.
  • Feel like you’ve tried everything to fix the behavior.
  • Fight about the cat(s) with other members of the house.
  • Feel like your stuck in viscous cycle of behavior problems and cat fights.
  • Listen to your friends and family tell you to “just get rid of them.
  • Feel guilty, like it’s your fault.
  • Worry constantly that your cat is going to get seriously hurt.
  • Feel completely hopeless and stressed out every single day.

It’s amazing how aggression between cats, can have such a huge negative impact on your entire life!

Spending Lots of Time & Money, Yet Still Feeling Hopeless?

So, you know your cat has a problem. What do you do? Try everything? Waste loads of time and money? That’s what I did!

I Wasted So Much Time

  • Scouring the depths of the internet for solutions.
  • Reading blogs, forums, books, Facebook Groups geared toward cat behavior.
  • Trying every pretend “quick fix” I could find.
  • Taking advice from well-meaning friends (who, it turned out, had no clue what they were talking about!)

I Wasted Money On

  • Pheromone diffusers that didn’t work.
  • Different kinds of litter.
  • New scratchers my cats never used.
  • Toys they never played with.
  • New furniture they just ended up ruining.
  • Deterrents, sprays, the list goes on…

Every attempt at solving Ellie’s aggression problem just seemed to backfire, and make the situation even worse!

Let’s face it, no one likes to waste money, but time… Time is something you can never get back.

You've Been Lied To...

The solutions I mentioned above rarely work, if ever.

The Simple Reasons Why These Solutions Don’t Work:

  1. The relationships between cats are extremely complex, and even more misunderstood.

  2. People tend to regard cats the same way they regard dogs. Cats are nothing like dogs.

  3. Every single situation is unique.

  4. Every single cat is unique.

  5. Any cut and dry solution is only ONE PIECE of the whole puzzle.

  6. So many misconceptions surround cats, and we are fed these lies starting when we are children.

Here Are Just A Few Of The Common Lies We Are Told About Cats:

  • Cats can work their issues out themselves. Let them “fight it out.”

  • Cats cannot be trained.

  • Cats do things intentionally to piss you off.

  • Cats are solitary, and do not like the company of humans or other animals.

  • You can “retrain” your cat to use the litter box by making them dig in it by moving their paws. (If your goal is to get your cat to never use the litter box again, then by all means…!)

The Truth Is...


Cat owners have been misinformed, and fed constant lies for so long, how could you possibly know what to do!?

This is why I want to hold your hand, and walk you through the entire process! 

Finally, Restore Peace to Your Home.

Multi-Cat Aggression Cat Behavior Consultation Package Product Image, with Furratic Behavior logo, name of service, and image of two cats fighting on the sidewalk

Ultimate Multi-Cat Aggression Behavior Package

Transform Your Cat's Behavior, Transform Your Life!

Ideal For Cats Who:

✔ Fight

✔ Stalk Companion Cats

✔ Guard Doorways, Litter Boxes, Etc.

 ✔ Are Terrified/Hide From Companion Cats

Ultimate Multi-Cat Aggression Behavior Package Includes

Extensive Consultation With Me

1.5-2 hour one-on-one initial consultation with me, either over Zoom, or phone. Your choice!

Comprehensive Behavior Plan, Plus Adjustments

A completely tailored behavior plan specifically created for your cat's unique situation. We will take this step-by-step, and re-assess weekly.

Direct Email Support

A full 12 weeks of email support! This will give you direct access to me, so you can ask any burning questions, and I can address any concerns, while supporting you throughout the entire process.

Weekly Follow-Up Consultations

Up to 12, one-on-one follow-up consultations with me for ULTIMATE SUPPORT! Weekly meetings will ensure you are on-track, and address any concerns.

Ultimate Resources & Printables

Additional reference guides that will help you navigate the behavior correction process. These will help you to decode your cat's body language, break down training steps, reintroduce cats, understand the drive behind problem behavior and more!

Your Own Client Portal

You'll have access to your own client portal, where you'll be able to track your progress, create journal entries, access files, how-tos, and videos that I've added specifically for you, and much more. Your client portal will help support you every step of the way.

So, You Can Finally...

Eliminate Stress & Fear

No more cat-related stress day after day. No more worrying about what you're going to do, and fearing the worst.

Heal Your Relationships

Behavior problems can take a toll on even the strongest relationships. Heal not only your relationship with your cat, but with your loved ones as well.

Stop Wasting Time & Money

Quit spending your valuable time and resources on false solutions, that just lead to more frustration!

Restore Peace to Your Life & Your Home

Your home is supposed to be your sanctuary, not a dreaded source of contention. Make it your sanctuary, again.

Fall Back In Love With Your Cat...

“Lauren has been extraordinarily helpful with her tips and Behavior Plan for my cat, Bogdan. I adopted him as a 2 year old and he had a few behavioral problems. Lauren listened intently as I described my concerns and formatted a lovely plan for me and my cat. The multiple page document I was sent laid out each concern I had with an abundance of solutions. She explained signs of over-stimulation in cats, gave tips on play structure and how to keep him off my counters. I had 6 different concerns and she helped with each and every one. I also appreciated the inclusion of links to purchase different items to enrich my cats environment. I trust Lauren’s opinion and expertise and would recommend her to anyone with a cat they love.”

-Margo M. a.k.a. Bogdan’s Mom

We knew we needed help to control some behaviors of our two cats - one scratched everything and the other hid from absolutely everyone. We were also pretty skeptical about a Cat that a thing? We met Lauren by Zoom for our initial consultation and she was great. Luckily we are in Orlando and she was able to assess them in person. Totally worth it. Her consultative and caring manner kept the pets in focus and she gave us a detailed plan to follow. I'm proud to share that the behaviors have been fixed which will ensure many happy years with the cats and two sane owners!
Bryan Long

Helping Cats Find the Confidence They Need to Thrive

“”I first met Lauren on a cat behavioral page when I adopted my boy. He has had the worst start in life and was terrified of life itself. [He came from a hoarder’s house in Dubai, where he was confined to a cage with two other cats.]

Lauren kindly said she was happy to give me a few helpful tips so we began our journey together. This hasn’t been the easiest for either of us, as we’re on different continents but we have made it work. Unfortunately, toffee is also very ill [and almost completely blind] but with our dedication, patience and mutual understanding, toffee has now gone from being a terrified poorly little boy, to a stronger happier cat that is growing in confidence daily.

When he arrived here, he spent his life in a cardboard box, not moving. Now he loves his bed and cat tree, no box in sight, and he talks to us. He is purring at our tickle times, and even trusts me to rub his belly.

All this has happened in just 11 weeks! He still has a long way to go, but thanks to Lauren’s advice, and our persistence, hopefully he has a long, happy, caring life ahead and NEVER has a negative experience again.

Thank you hunny for your help although I think you’re secretly in love with him too.”

xxx Toffee’s Mom, Sandy

Who the Ultimate Multi-Cat Behavior Package is for...

Ideal For:
✔ Serious Aggression Between Cats.
✔ Guardians That Would Like ULTIMATE Personal Support While Correcting Behaviors.
✔ Inter-Cat Aggression Can Be Accompanied By:
-Litter Box Avoidance
-Guarding Behaviors (Guarding Litter Boxes, Doorways, Etc.)
-Stalking Behaviors
-Furniture Scratching
-Biting Behaviors
-Fear-Based Behaviors
-& More

Who the Ultimate Multi-Cat Behavior Package is not for...

Not Intended For:
✘ Guardians Who Just Want A Simple One-Time Behavior Assessment.
✘ 1-2 Simple Problems, Such As:
-Furniture Scratching
✘ Anyone Who Is Not Experiencing Aggression Between Cats.
If you're dealing with other frustrating cat behavior problems, check out my other Behavior Packages, below!


Ultimate Multi-Cat Aggression Behavior Package


One-Time Payment

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! I conduct most of my consultations over Zoom, especially because of COVID-19. We can also do it over the phone, if you are more comfortable with that. If you have concerns, schedule an introductory call with me.

Cats are independent beings, and while we can have a strong influence on their behavior, we cannot control it. Many feline behavior problems require a lot of time and patience to correct – some are simpler and quicker than others. There are many influencing factors, and many times the issues are not standalone.

Behavior packages can be extended if you need more time, and in some cases, this may be strongly recommended. If you are concerned, you may schedule an introductory consult with me to make sure that we click!

There are two ways to determine this:

  1. See if you can identify with any of the behavior problems listed under the consultation information.
  2. Schedule an introductory consultation with me, and I will ask you questions about your situation, in order to determine which option is the best fit for you.

Yes! For this particular situation, I recommend choosing the Comprehensive Behavior Package, so I can set you up with a custom behavior plan. Otherwise, you may schedule a Basic Consultation with me, and purchase extra sessions afterwards, if needed.

No. I am not a pet medium, animal communicator, or a psychic of any kind. My skills are based in behavior science, observation, and problem solving. For the most part, I work with you directly to make adjustments to your cat’s routines, interactions, environment, etc., in order to influence their behavior.

I will want to meet your cat, but after observing your cat’s behaviors, I will be working directly with you.

A free introductory call with me will last a max of 30 minutes. It’s purpose is for me to get a quick background on your cat’s situation, to answer any questions you may have regarding the packages or the consultation itself, and to help you decide whether or not my services are right for you. No behavior questions will be answered during this call, and it does not take the place of a consultation.

Let me first tell you what I do not recommend. I do not recommend ANY type of fear-based training/behavior modification techniques (i.e. caging, flooding, squirt bottles, etc.) . I will never recommend any alpha training techniques (which is basically trying to put your cat in it’s place by being the top cat yourself).

What I do recommend is positive reinforcement techniques (such as clicker training), trust building exercises and techniques, desensitization (strategically exposing the cat to something to diminish the associated fear), and counterconditioning (turning a negative experience into a positive one). I will also most likely recommend changes to make the environment more cat-friendly.

I cannot guarantee that your cat’s behavioral issues can be fixed within any sort of time frame. Behavior modification takes time and patience, and every single situation is unique. However, I should be able to identify the possible causes that are influencing your cat’s problem behavior from our consultation. 

During a consultation, I will be gathering as much information as possible, based off of your questionnaire, plus observation of your cat and the home environment. This will allow me to develop your behavior plan. The behavior plan will detail my assessment of what is causing the behavior problem, and my recommendations that you will need to implement in order to see a positive change in your cat’s behavior. 

You must be willing to dedicate the time that’s necessary in order to see the results you are hoping for. There is no magic wand I can wave to change your cat’s behavior overnight or during a consultation.

I will need you to:

  • Fill out the questionnaire at least two days prior to our consultation.

I will request videos that are relevant to the behavior(s) of concern. These could include, but are not limited to:

  • Cat doing the behavior
  • Specifics of their environment
  • Playtime
  • Routines
  • etc.

Having as much information and video footage ready for me before the consultation is highly recommended, and makes things easier.

Let Me Support You Every Step of the Way...

Hi there loving cat parent, I’m Lauren! I ‘m a Certified Cat Behavior Counselor, who has been working with cats for about 9 years. I know, this isn’t exactly a career many people have heard of. Truth be told, it’s more of a calling, than a career. A calling that is born from such a deep curiosity and love for cats, and everything about them.

I, myself, have four incredible and unbelievably loved cats. To me, no cat is “just a cat.” And when you choose to share your life with them, they’re a member of the family.

But, let’s be honest, living with cats (like anything else!) comes with it’s challenges. You see, I didn’t just learn what I know about cats from a book, or getting certified. Over the years, I have actually experienced almost every behavior issue in the book with my own cats.

Behavior problems in cats may seem small, but I know how they can consume your life, and even your relationships.

My mission is to help dedicated cat parents, like you, realize that you don’t have to choose between your cat, and the life you want.

Black and white photo of me, with my tabby cat, Nia, on my shoulders

Stop Dealing With Stressful Cat Behaviors Right Meow!

Transform Your Cat's Behavior, Transform Your Life.

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